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Terms of Trade - Start of Debtor Protection

AEL Legal helps protect you from debtors

Prevention is better than cure

Debt collection - including litigation and enforcement - can be a painful 'cure' to your debtor problem. The secret is to protect yourself from your own debtors from the beginning of your relationship. When it comes to debts, prevention is always better than cure.

AEL Legal provides a complete legal service

AEL Legal can help you establish new terms of trade that are specifically designed to protect your legal rights. We review your existing terms of trade to ensure that they comply with the latest laws. We also provide a complete PPSA registration service. Best of all, you can set up your own AEL Legal Black Book to address your slow paying accounts before they turn bad!

AEL Legal’s services will help you to:

Terms of Trade

Purpose written terms of trade documents establish your legal right to be paid

Working with a signed account application and terms of trade - from the very beginning of your contractual relationship with your customers - establishes a clear legal relationship between you and them.

Look what your new AEL Legal terms of trade and associated documents will include

AEL Legal will write the documents carefully designed to suit your unique needs. Once accepted and signed by both parties it becomes a legal contract defining:

If you have existing terms of trade AEL will review it to ensure it includes the latest provisions provided and required by law.

For more information about your own terms of trade document:

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