Debt Collection

AEL debt collection works for YOU!

Our debt collection methods are firm, fair and lawful. Once you notify us of your debt collection problem and give us the details, a dedicated Senior Recoveries Officer is immediately assigned to recover your debt. The assigned officer will give you regular progress reports and confirm finalised terms and conditions before repayment arrangements are made with the debtor.

Here’s how our efficient, step-by-step debt collection process works for you:

All senior recoveries officers are skilled in negotiation techniques and debt collection procedures

AEL recognises the importance of a regular, relevant and reliable flow of information. Its debt collection methods are firm, fair and lawful.

However, a debtor's refusal to pay may call for legal action

The simple act of starting legal action sends a strong signal that you intend to enforce payment. And it often results in immediate settlement. And remember, AEL is New Zealand's most successful debt collection agency and out-performs ALL its competitors.

For immediate action on your debt collection problem, or for more information

Phone (09) 9214353 or e-mail the details to