Employment Relations Act

Companies Face $20,000 Fine

From 1 July 2011 an Employment Agreement must be in place for everyone

The Issues

  1. Under the Employment Relations Act 2010. from 1 July 2011 all employment administration must be up to date.
  2. Labour Inspectors will have virtually unlimited powers and will enforce them.
  3. Penalties are increased from $5K to $10K for individuals and $10K to $20K for companies which don't comply.
  4. Employers are required to keep up to date personal files for every employee, plus a copy of the employment agreement, signed or not.
  5. Even if an employee won't sign the agreement, there must be a file for that employee.

The Solution

  1. AEL offers specialist advice and support.
  2. A free consultation with AEL's specialist - who has 25 years human resources and general management experience.
  3. AEL's Employment Agreements are tailored to your business and make certain you comply with the law.
  4. AEL makes it as simple and painless as possible - Remember one size does not fit all.
  5. AEL will make sure that you minimise the risk of employment issues, save time, have a more motivated staff and reduce your stress.

Thelma French AEL's Human Resources specialist.