AEL Legal Black Book

Discover the power of the AEL Legal Black Book

The AEL Legal Black Book introduces the concept of a third party to address slow paying accounts before they turn into bad debts. It is best used for overdue accounts between 45-90 days.

It's a credit management tool that's guaranteed by AEL Legal

Yes. AEL Legal guarantees that the amount of debt you recover using the AEL Legal Black Book system will be at least ten times it's cost, (subject to certain conditions). And there are no hidden costs, added charges or commissions.

It's quick and cost effective...

The AEL Legal Black Book has a very high response rate with most responses coming within fourteen days of contact.

...simple and safe

Past experience has shown that 'subtle intervention' by AEL Legal - as a result of using your AEL Legal Black Book - has immediate results without harming your important client relationships.

Now available and interactive on the internet...

The AEL Legal Black Book is now set up in interactive form on the internet.
Have a look at the website:
If currently you use the Black Book and would like to view your accounts on the internet, click on:
Then click on the GO button under "AEL Legal client but not an online member".
Complete the Member Registration form and click on Submit Registration.
We will set you up as soon as possible and you will then be able to Login at will, enter accounts on line, view an analysis of all accounts sent to AEL Legal and numerous other functions on this highly interactive site.

For further information please phone 09 9214353.

For immediate action on your slow paying accounts problem, or for more information:

Phone (09) 921 4353 or e-mail the details to